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Cleaning services from Day and Nite Services Limited are delivered by consummate professionals.
Supplying Nurses
Day and Nite Care currently supplies nurses of all bands to NHS hospitals and PCTs across England. Our nurses and staff are fully trained and compliant according to the NHS Framework agreement.

-Promoting the wellness of patients and their families by caring and educating them about early recovery and ways of preventing diseases
-Keeping an eye on each and every aspect of patient care including a balanced diet and physical activity swiss replica watches

-Administering medication including controlled drugs

-Maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment

-Interacting with healthcare teams and patients family

-Recommending drugs and other therapies to patients

-Carrying out the requisite treatments and medications

-Coordinating with healthcare professionals for creating and evaluating customised care  plans

-Observing and recording patients' behaviour, maintaining patients medical reports histories and monitoring changes in their condition

-Provide psychological support to patients and families